Random Works 08:15


There’s an end for everything that has a beginning.
Man returns to dust, days fade into nights and stars burst into supernovae
Between the certainty of life and death, beginning and end, lies an infinite loop of love
A love that can out live our days, a love that is not defined by time
One that can never be fully defined.
A thousand songs and not half the meaning
A million poems but none to fully describe it.
A new author, a new poet, a new songwriter with a different shade.
Yet these never-ending peripheral interpretations still leave a lot to explain
Days will fade into nights, Life will float away with time
Stars will fall, seasons will change, and all beginnings will end

Oh! Except the lucky ones that slip into love’s endless loop of infinity

I smile in my sadness
I’m happy when I think of my loneliness
I play around with those that remind me that I’m sad
I laugh when people try to make me cry

I put on my mask all day long
And at night when I put my head on my pillow
I soak it with tears that have been welling up in my eyes
And only the stars share my secrets with me
Because when the morning comes again
I will put on my mask and smile with the world