No Prints

It is truly amazing how far I have come.

I look around and I can’t tell my entire story.

Pages missing, time lapses, a whole lot Is gone.

I’ve felt pain and joy, I’ve seen failure and glory.


I try to write my entire story from the start to where I am.

I retrace my steps and find huge gaps with no prints in the sand.

I see my rise, I see my fall, but missing prints I still don’t understand.

He whispered softly in my ears, I took you on My wings when you could barely stand.


Back to where I stand today, I look forward with hope and confidence.

I know there are Wings to fly me beyond the place the road ends.

And where the bridge falls, We will soar effortlessly across the ocean.

Even if fall, I will fall to those knees that reach out to my Strength.


I keep moving, I keep soaring. The journey forward never ends.


Image Credit: Footprints In The Sand by Thomas Kinkade

Let Me Go

You loved me before I could know the world,
And protected me from all the hurt it holds.
You shielded me from the arms of pain.
Sadness is nothing more than a story to me.

You love me but I need to leave.
You love me but I yearn to live.

My mind creates scenarios of pain I’ve never felt.
I seek the dark to appreciate the light.
Pain is an uncharted territory that my audacious spirit seeks to explore
Not for lack of love or a lack of understanding.
But for a deeper meaning of life and a better appreciation of love.


Featured Image: Dita Omuri | Fashion/Abstract painter

Silent Bells

I smiled.
Even when it stung my pride, leaving deep bloody sores of shame.

I smiled.
As each adjective unmasked the monster she saw in me.

I smiled.
Inside,  there was heat, there was pain, but I couldn’t raise my voice (or my hand).

They would call me weak.
And there were no scars to tell the full story.

I smiled.
But deep inside it choked my little embryo of happiness.

Emotional abuse just doesn’t ring the right bells.
All I can do is smile.


Featured Image by Fabiola ArtFabiola ArtFabiola Art

Of Colours and Pain

I saw love, it was red.
I saw forever, it was white.
I saw blood, it was red.
On the floor, it was mine.

I saw abuse, in full rain.
I saw a white flag, not again!
I saw blue, I saw black.
Packed my bags to never go back.


Featured Image: ‘Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso

Keep Moving

Keep moving…

Failing is a progressive action.

Failing forward is better than doing nothing.

Doing nothing is like standing on the race track.

No matter how far ahead you stand it is only a matter of time and you’ll be back of the line.

Doing nothing is the best way to lose a race.

Whatever you do, whatever happens,

just keep moving.



Image: Perseverance by Thomas Kinkade

Palettes and Paintbrushes

I sat down at the dining table staring at the computer screen again

A mind burdened with thoughts that bounce between happiness and pain

My fingers itched to type the thoughts that steal my sleep every night

So I picked a piece of the bland world and dipped it in the colours of my mind

Dark shades, bright colours, a kaleidoscope of dreams

I painted all the shades and colours in my notes

But I chose to share only my rainbows with you

I choose happiness today, what do you choose?