Dying to Live

Pale and grey, fading away
A dying man within the frame
They see death and pain;
They see an old man close to his grave
Closer to my last breath, as I draw
Closer to the light, I walk
The tunnel is cold and lonely
Closer to the end, I come
Tell me what you see, they ask
Anything else but death.
Tell me something colourful
Tell me something else
I see peace, beyond these storms
I see colours, lush and rich
I see nature in its purest form
Eternal peace, eternal bliss


Digital Graphite Art by Seyi Adegoke.




This is the mindset that we need to launch African nations forward. If our leaders can think this way and act accordingly, Africa will change in a few years.

Let’s put aside all the Twitter banter and Instagram trolling, we have to admit that this is something really inspiring about Ghana.

I cannot tell if this is just PR or a real desire to change the nation, starting with the mindset of the people. I can only agree that the solutions to most of our problems have been addressed in this speech.

Way to go Ghana!



Three Lessons From the Week 

Another beautiful week, another month. This week, I decided to write down three lessons I have come to appreciate deeply.


I’ve come to understand that most of the things that I cannot count or measure are the ones that count in life. Love, kindness, true friendship, compassion, family, hope, faith, self-belief, humility, contentment, happiness. The list goes on and on.


Strip yourself of the anxieties that brew dissatisfaction, worry, sadness and unnecessary competition. The world will never hold more happiness for you than the one you can create for others.


Love yourself more than anyone else can love you. You will not go around feeling left behind or forgotten.

N/B: These lessons will NOT make life easier, they will only create a cushion so you never fall too hard.  

Photo credit: Aniebietabasi Ekong

Equality is True Freedom | Mini Rant

Society has always tried to regulate them or define them within the confines of its limited understanding. If we must be all, we need to explore all possibilities and that includes allowing women to be all they can be!

I wouldn’t count all the world would have lost if certain women did not confront these limiting factors. I would rather challenge you to dream of what we would be if they are all given equal opportunity; I mean true economic freedom.


No Prints

It is truly amazing how far I have come.

I look around and I can’t tell my entire story.

Pages missing, time lapses, a whole lot Is gone.

I’ve felt pain and joy, I’ve seen failure and glory.


I try to write my entire story from the start to where I am.

I retrace my steps and find huge gaps with no prints in the sand.

I see my rise, I see my fall, but missing prints I still don’t understand.

He whispered softly in my ears, I took you on My wings when you could barely stand.


Back to where I stand today, I look forward with hope and confidence.

I know there are Wings to fly me beyond the place the road ends.

And where the bridge falls, We will soar effortlessly across the ocean.

Even if fall, I will fall to those knees that reach out to my Strength.


I keep moving, I keep soaring. The journey forward never ends.


Image Credit: Footprints In The Sand by Thomas Kinkade

Let Me Go

You loved me before I could know the world,
And protected me from all the hurt it holds.
You shielded me from the arms of pain.
Sadness is nothing more than a story to me.

You love me but I need to leave.
You love me but I yearn to live.

My mind creates scenarios of pain I’ve never felt.
I seek the dark to appreciate the light.
Pain is an uncharted territory that my audacious spirit seeks to explore
Not for lack of love or a lack of understanding.
But for a deeper meaning of life and a better appreciation of love.


Featured Image: Dita Omuri | Fashion/Abstract painter