Silent Bells

I smiled.
Even when it stung my pride, leaving deep bloody sores of shame.

I smiled.
As each adjective unmasked the monster she saw in me.

I smiled.
Inside,  there was heat, there was pain, but I couldn’t raise my voice (or my hand).

They would call me weak.
And there were no scars to tell the full story.

I smiled.
But deep inside it choked my little embryo of happiness.

Emotional abuse just doesn’t ring the right bells.
All I can do is smile.


Featured Image by Fabiola ArtFabiola ArtFabiola Art

Of Colours and Pain

I saw love, it was red.
I saw forever, it was white.
I saw blood, it was red.
On the floor, it was mine.

I saw abuse, in full rain.
I saw a white flag, not again!
I saw blue, I saw black.
Packed my bags to never go back.


Featured Image: ‘Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso

Keep Moving

Keep moving…

Failing is a progressive action.

Failing forward is better than doing nothing.

Doing nothing is like standing on the race track.

No matter how far ahead you stand it is only a matter of time and you’ll be back of the line.

Doing nothing is the best way to lose a race.

Whatever you do, whatever happens,

just keep moving.



Image: Perseverance by Thomas Kinkade

Palettes and Paintbrushes

I sat down at the dining table staring at the computer screen again

A mind burdened with thoughts that bounce between happiness and pain

My fingers itched to type the thoughts that steal my sleep every night

So I picked a piece of the bland world and dipped it in the colours of my mind

Dark shades, bright colours, a kaleidoscope of dreams

I painted all the shades and colours in my notes

But I chose to share only my rainbows with you

I choose happiness today, what do you choose?

Above and Beyond

After time and age play their cards

And nature forces us to come full circle

I will inscribe your name on this ring

I will hold these same hands again,

I will share these vows with you

To stoke the flames of our love

So today, let me kindle the everlasting flames

Let me be yours and you be mine

To have and to hold, Till death do us part!

Building Bridges

Friends, good friends, best friends? Maybe, maybe not.

We sailed together for quite some time. Of that, I’m sure

Through calm and pleasant seas and also stormy waters

But we chose our different routes and let the winds take us apart

I built the boats that took you away, to hide from my desires

I built mine too and sailed away from you

Opposite and equal forces sailing in perfect parallels

Maybe there’s a converging point ahead, I can’t tell

Maybe we will return to the start again, we may never know

Because we choose to build boats when we really don’t need to sail

This time I’m not building a boat

I just hope the winds bring you back here

If you ever sail across the waters

I’ll be patiently waiting at the shore

No more denial, no more boats

Just bridges and a happy home.