Every day I rise to face these challenges.
They toss, they sway but they can’t turn me around.
I keep pushing forward against the tide.
Society bombards me with so many things that I don’t want.
They try to benumb me to so much wrong and desensitize me to the violence and crime. Next, it’s the subtle persuasion to accept strange sexual orientations.
The world is trying to make us all compete against ourselves. So those who stand for sharing and charity don’t fit in while greed and wanton ostentatious desires that help to fuel an exploitative economic thrust are supported openly.
I’m trying to keep my colour in this torrential rain of unconscious decolouration and the ‘zombilizing’ flood of distracting information.
It’s like I’m driving the wrong way on a one way street, against the traffic of society’s influences.
I see prints here and there…in my direction. Then they fade off as I forge ahead. I wonder if that will be all I will also leave behind…footprints and secrets…the precipitates of a stubborn belief system.
I’m weird, I’m different. This is what i stand for. It is who I am…who are you?


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