They knew of our weakness but they never anticipated our resilience
They pushed us harder but they didn’t know our limits
So they pushed on thinking we would break
We were duly stretched but we didn’t even crack
They oppressed us and increased our burdens
We buckled at our knees and fell to the floor
We fell but that was not the end of us
Because we pulled ourselves up
when they thought we were done
They saw us arise with bloodshot eyes
We were broken, bruised and battered
but our wounds were only on the outside
They had damaged our bodies but stirred up our spirits
We were down to rock bottom, we could only rise
Rise from these ashes, rise from the rubble
I’m a rebelLION, a part of the rebellion
That’s what you call it, we call it a revolution
Our roar has got the masters running
We’ve been beaten out of shame and fear
We are left with boldness and courage
Fearlessly, we will rise to face our challenges
We will pull our bodies across the border
We will hunt down the oppressors and turn this slave yard…
…to a palace fit for us, Kings and Queens of the land!
Riches shared in equity and wealth to fill every home
Leaders and not lords! Followers and not slaves!


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