I’m alone here.
It’s another cold night.
I’m back in the house but I’m far from home.
There are fingerprints on the walls,
the smell of your hair on the pillow,
the clothes deliberately left on the chair
and the strands of hair tangled in my comb.
While I was away…
The spare key unlocked my doors.
The kitchen was alive again.
My shoes found their way back to the rack.
I know you arranged my shelf.
You helped me with my wardrobe.
But while I was away,
the rains poured down too.
They have washed away your footprints and
the winds have taken away your fragrance.
But my heart knows you were here;
Even before my eyes could explain.
I couldn’t have folded my pyjamas that way.
I know I didn’t wear that white T-shirt,
neither did I leave those clothes in the dryer…
You put everything in order
but you left my heart in a million pieces
All I have left are pictures, memories,
a note on the bed and my spare key under the doormat.
Now I’m back to the start again




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