Beautiful Imperfection!

I walked into the room and i knew i was in trouble….
My wife’s powder was on the floor and i could see the makeup table was scattered and things were in places she obviously didn’t leave them.
Mascara, foundation, lashes sprawled on the bed and alphabets on the wall in different shades of lipstick.
Eye pencils had been sharpened and used to draw stick men on the table. I couldn’t shout…I just couldn’t.
That’s when I saw her stroll in, swinging an eye pencil in one hand and holding a handbag in the other hand.
There was lipstick smudged on her lips…
A little gloss with glitters, meant for the lips but smeared all around the mouth
She had a hat that dropped down to her lower lashes and shoes that could take her feet and hands together
There was more powder on her dress than on her face and necklaces that hung down to her knees
One would wonder why I smiled endlessly at her
You would question my undying love for her
You wouldn’t understand why that mischievous smile and those dimples made me happy and proud. The crazy combination of clothes and makeup that were applied in all the wrong ways but still couldn’t mask the cuteness of the outcome. Perfect in its imperfections…the efforts of a child at being a grown woman…my two years old daughter, trying to figure out how to be a grown woman with the help of makeup, jewellery and mirrors! Creative in her own way but nonetheless mischievous.
Needless to say, I had a lot of cleanup to do and a lot of blame. Eventually, the pictures will tell the true story and we will all laugh through it all.

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