My Hope

I dragged my weary soul through the doors. It had been a long and sad day. My heart was heavy and I couldn’t tell why. I felt He had forsaken me. I reminded myself that I’m not serving Him for what I can gain, but the conviction of that idea needed to be established by repeating it to myself.
I looked up and saw them take the stage…young, bright faces with robes that could pass as handed down cloaks. I smiled when I saw the young man take the mic. I sat down, fighting my inner critic to sit still while I prepared my heart for the ministration. 
  That’s when it all began…
…I heard the choir….
…I heard the choir sing in unison
Like channels of water flowing peacefully into the sea, they gracefully poured out their worship.
They split harmoniously, like petals opening up to form a beautiful flower
Maintaining their distinct voices but uniting in symphony and synchrony.
Sopranos, altos and tenors, distinct and diverse but in harmony
Blending and intertwining seamlessly to form one multicoloured rainbow of voices, rising from the earth, like a beacon, shooting right through the clouds to the heavens.
Serenading angels and giving light to men on earth.
The Light of the world, illuminating the hearts of men through the praise and worship of His name.
This heartwarming and soul lifting experience is not even a nanoscopic fraction of an iota of His Glory! 
When they dropped the last note of the song, I was ablaze inside. I could no longer see the troubles that accompanied me to the gates of the church
I began to see life’s struggles, relative to the promised Glory. I stretched out life on earth beside the length of eternity and couldn’t find a dot…what on earth will I not endure, by His grace, just to see myself immersed in such Glory for eternity!? I didn’t need to repeat anything to myself. I only asked “who am I that in my careless and selfish life, the one true God will reveal a piece of His Glory to me?” The author of all things, the one that out dates time, Has promised to share His Glory with me! 
This is my hope and ultimate heart desire…to be a part of the Glory to come!

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