The Nigerian Senate and the Game of Shame

Once again I feel the need to rant!!! What type of misguided decision making goes on in this our beloved country? The Senate want to make kidnapping punishable by death! Now, it looks like a good
decision, but I can’t help but feel irritated by the comments of some Senators. The Senate Vice President said Nigerians cannot endure a little, that they are too quick to pay the ransom and that has become an incentive to kidnappers! Really!!!? How long will you wait for kidnappers to return your wife, husband or child when you know the security agencies are not properly equipped to find them? That is if your case is even given a second thought. These are people that tell you there is no fuel to come and help! How will they even find the kidnappers? Over 260 girls were kidnapped over a year ago in this country and till today there has been no news concerning their return! You think their parents wouldn’t gladly pay a ransom to get their children back? Another Senator, said this law will serve as a deterrent for kidnappers. This is not the first step that should be taken! Before you decide to do this, won’t you ensure that the security agencies are strengthened and properly equipped first? Nigerians have lost faith in the efficacy of these agencies and will rather do what they can to save their loved ones, which is to pay the ransom.
Our politicians have worsened the already difficult economic conditions we face. This has pushed many Nigerians into unscrupulous means of survival. This is not an excuse for the shameful act of kidnapping, but the death penalty may be a few steps ahead of the real solution. There are steps that must be taken before we jump to that. There are also more pressing issues that threaten the integrity of this nation like the issue of the Fulani herdsmen and their pernicious infiltration of the South! They should spend time trying to come up with reasonable solutions to this first!
The average Nigerian is poor and will not be kidnapped. So this whole thing is another tune to serenade the upper class while people grope in the dark in search of food and light in this information age! Giant of Africa? I dare you to even say it to a Rwandan or anyone from Botswana. Our leaders have started another round of this never ending game of shame!!!!

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