Fear. Pain. Glory

A little girl cries in silence

A little girl is groaning deep within

Her voice is not heard by her mother 

And her shame is not one to be expressed

She sits in a corner watching family-cum-predator

He turns to look at her while he laughs with the crowd

The comfort of family is the veil for terror

There are things going on in her head 

Those secrets she thinks she can’t share

Memories of days of terror and nights of fear

Spasms of your touch, a bitterness she can’t suppress

The height of your pleasure, the depth of her despair

While the world rotates, she stands, slowly sinking in shame

While you plunder her weary soul, her spirit remains…

Unbroken, unbroken, the will to outgrow this pain

She won’t leave it behind, but will talk about it boldly till it folds neatly into her history

She will arm the young girls with her story,

If they see you on the way, they won’t run

They won’t fall, they will undress your tricks and send you home, naked but without shame

You met a little girl, you ravaged her soul but the woman within is unbreakable

She is a champion for others and a lasting reminder of your weakness…her conquest

She bowed a girl, right before you but she rose a Queen, the Queen of Kings.


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