We Are Waiting For You!

Through all these ‘difficult’ times when the world thinks you’re up
But deep down you know you’re crashing down in different dimensions
You believe the world would not get your non-conformist ideas
Afraid they may not relate and just brush them off in one sweep
So you turn off the lights and just express only grief and hurt
You carry your pain and sadness in the same sack with your inspiration
Somehow they all make you lock yourself in your own dark world
Is there comfort in the darkness or is it the fear of your own light?
Are you afraid of people turning down your creative sprout of unconventional ideas?
We know your ingenious creativity comes with strings attached to your heart
And we also appreciate your courage and desire to live on the edge 
The drive to be fully alive in every moment spent with breath
While you fight your inner demons behind the scenes
We sit patiently, waiting for you to put up a beautiful show
Can’t you see that you are fighting a battle with yourself while the world waits for you?

3 thoughts on “We Are Waiting For You!

  1. and umm..I just wanna say that sometimes, the pains with sadness are what inspires you in unimaginable ways.

    i know those questions are rhetorical but there's NEVER any atom of comfort in darkness,so I ll go with it being the fear of your own light, which needs to be broken out of.


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