Posters of Chaos!

There are always detractors and fakes, especially in the church! I’m not talking about the people who come to church and are not perfect or those who are trying to live ‘right’ but have not achieved it yet. The fact is that the church is not for perfect people. It is for mending and moulding those who are broken and imperfect. My major concern here is for those who start up organisations in the name of the church. The church is the most rewarding business at the moment.

I’m in Nigeria and there are very many desperate and poor people who are looking for a form of respite. This large number has created a large market for schemers who have use the church as an easy avenue to defraud these desperate and ‘unsuspecting’ victims. Really, can I separate these people from these crimes totally? I’m not so sure because no matter how incredulous these scammers make their posters, some people are so desperate that they are willing to put their faith and fate in the hands of these unscrupulous church leaders. It behoves on people to protect themselves from these ‘short-cut’-method leaders who hide behind bible verses to steal money from people. How ridiculous can church posters get before people realise that some of these people are unserious? It is amazing how they put up these posters that destroy the image of the church in general! As a business, it must be playing to the gallery because they are getting more followers daily! It passes as an amazing strategy targeted at the right audience; poor, desperate and gullible! Shamefully, these organisations are still spreading and while it is annoying that people are bent on defrauding others through these means, we cannot take a way the humorous part of these. I have shared a few but for more please click here.


2 thoughts on “Posters of Chaos!

  1. well said Esu!!!!!!

    lmao..those posters are very funny. The ones in the link are hilarious,lol.. I can't stop laughing oo

    what even surprises me the most is the fact that the people on the posters look hungry and sick, and people still go to them!!! how desperate can people be!!!!!

    those 'pastors' should start by delivering themselves and breaking their own curses.


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