R e L i G i o N


Religion remains man’s most mysterious conviction
A solace for our lack of understanding

A resort when we can’t explain the simplest things around us
A blanket to cover the mysteries that outsmart man
One man leads a band of groping men in the dark
To a promise of some sort of satisfaction
Elusive to those who don’t belong
Spiced up with rites, rituals and songs
Venerating faithful followers
And mystifying their activities with religious paraphernalia
Outlining a list of courage threatening and fear enshrining retributions for disobedient subjects
Inflated positions, false ambitions, competitive and flamboyant lifestyles 
Leadership in its most authoritative form and world domination on the mind of every follower
People fighting for the same goal with different reasons and through different means
Yet in all its abundance, its incredible signs and wonders, Unity still eludes it
One arm rising against the other, as brothers take arms against each other in the same name
Trickling into every part of life, influencing national decisions and even into entertainment
Binding people together and gaining more respect than the law as it remains man’s most powerful motivator…ahead of money!

All in the name of one God

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