Always Optimistic

The picture of a little baby sleeping quietly got me thinking this morning. It is amazing how beautiful the human mind is. At this stage it is still malleable and innocent. The baby has no problems to bother about. She is isolated from life’s turbulence by the love of her parents and their endless support. She is a bundle of joy and pure beauty, cuddled up in warm fleecy clothes.
But something else struck me. What will we introduce to this beautiful mind as she grows up? What perceptions and ideas about life will she discover as she explores the world before her eyes? What will society tell her about herself? Will she be given a different understanding of beauty, success, love, ability and life in general? I could not help thinking about how school would try to chisel her to fit into specific moulds that society has created. Then religion will place a stamp on what is right and wrong, which is usually at odds with what is openly practiced in society. Friends, family and passive influences from the media will try to form the cornerstone of her beliefs amidst an avalanche of ideas from other sources.
In our society, it is easy to get carried away by the unabashed rush for money and material things. The struggle to present yourself as rich, in a country with so many poor people, is real. The endless competition and the struggle to live way beyond their means is a trend today. This society worships the rich and ignores the source of wealth. The younger generation will do anything for Facebook and Instagram likes. Some of them put up false images of themselves to deceive the world (Not everyone though, some.) A society that is foolishly drinking from the cup of lies served by the West, gobbling down everything they serve! The young men have taken to weed and the young women have lost self esteem. Men are no more saying they want to marry their fellow men, but have now decided they want to become women. And we cannot pretend like its far away because in the near future, our kids will see these things as normal.  Are these the influences she will be exposed to? 
These are the thoughts that kept running through my mind before I snapped back into reality. Right before my eyes was the picture of a baby with a future so uncertain. Are we going to be the proponents of these misleading norms? What role are YOU playing to ensure that we all don’t become a part of the rot? Do you even sincerely believe that things can be better, or you think its just a few overtly optimistic people, dreaming because they don’t have anything else to do? That is the mindset that has crippled us and has left us in this mess. We are always ready with reasons why things will not work instead of asking how they will work. I believe things will work one day if we don’t give up before the race begins. Lets do what we can to ensure we leave a better society for these innocent ones to thrive. There are limitless possibilities for them. If you refuse to believe in a better tomorrow, do not infect them with pessimism. Start something positive today. Don’t sit back and wait for the world to change. YOU are the world, you NEED to change!

One thought on “Always Optimistic

  1. awwwwwwwwnnn! that baby is ADORABLE!!!!!

    LOL.. but I also read the post..Preach on Brother!!! Africa! Awake!!

    P.S those questions need to be answered by everyone..(individually though).


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