Think You! Be Different!

“I would rather be the first rate version of myself than the second rate version of someone else”. A very good friend of mine wrote that down in her notebook many years ago. I read it and like every other message, it stretched my mind. Once you find truth like that, you can never ‘not-see’ it. That truth has defined my life today. 

We are all unique and so we are all meant to be different. In fact, today we celebrate people who refuse to fit in (and I support that drive). Most people have lost themselves in the process of fitting in and being quasi-clones of what they see in the media. I wouldn’t want to be just like you for the sake of fitting in or acceptance. The world will lose my spice if I try to taste like you. Discover yourself, chase your passion and live everyday being true to these! I believe you will find peace, joy and contentment (I didn’t add love to that list!). 

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