Are They Always Haters?

Today, I finally decided to listen to D’banj and Idris Elba (There’s someone else on it too). In my opinion that song is not half as good as I expected. Now don’t get me wrong, its not the quality of the video or audio production I mean. The content, the flow and arrangement of the song was just there (nothing special). But as usual most Nigerians confuse being objective with being a hater so the comments poured in praising the song and talking about how wonderful it is while others spent time vilifying those who aired their opposing views. We have heard and seen better from D’banj. He set a really high standard for himself in the industry and going by that standard, this work is just average. In fact its a little below average if you consider the amount of time and money pumped into it. Confidential is just another song. Great work from the producer as usual. That beat deserves a lot more work to make it a real hit. 
I believe that one of the reasons people put their work out there is to get sincere feedback so they know how to improve. If we hide behind the veil of fear and stigma we may never get better songs from them. People are not always haters. Sometimes it is just true that some songs are not as good as we expect. Anyways, Nigerians have the funniest comments on posts like that and its interesting to read the war of words that follow the posts. In all this, maybe we lose the objective point of posting comments but at least we gain something hilarious!  

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