Our Beats Are The Real Hits

As much as I love to promote Nigerian music, I need to ensure I don’t lower the standard to accept more local content. Nigerian musicians need to put more quality into the music. Our producers are truly the ones making the music because most of our songs cannot thrive without the electrifying and energetic beats. I can’t tell how many songs have moved me to dance even without hearing the lyrics. Recently I searched for good covers and acoustic versions of Nigerian songs and its not the easiest thing to find. What exactly are we singing about? We should get passed the era of just releasing songs to get people to turn around and identify with it to an era where we can talk to people with our music. (Don’t have what to say? No problem…I can help )

In spite of this quality and content drain, a few of our musicians still give us songs we can listen to and not just dance. At the moment we play Nigerian songs more than music from other places. If patriotism was only about music, Nigerians would arguably be the most patriotic people in the world. It is time for artistes to repay such faith by improving the content of the music they put out there. Any language would do, don’t bring us empty songs with great beats. We will dance any way, but if your music doesn’t touch lives I think you’ve missed the point. 
After all said and done, Ndani Sessions give us the real deal…real artistes and pure talent.

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