S.N.L.C. Bug!

How many times do we find ourselves looking at pictures of friends and colleagues and thinking about how different our lives are? We try to figure out why some people have so much fun, so much more money and we sit there thinking “this guy or this girl is doing way better than I am”. We spend time thinking about how much they make and how much time they have to spend their money. Facebook Instagram and Snapchat have not even helped matters, giving them a platform to shove their relative success in your face! Envy, jealousy and impatience start to take over our thoughts and we either accept our fate or look for a way to push ourselves out with false images to compete with what we see. Uploading pictures and chasing likes to the level where people do almost anything to draw more attention to their pictures and profiles. 
Well, I know this because I’ve been through the phase. While some people realise early enough that not all that glitters is gold, some don’t! As I have learnt, we all run different races. While some are running the sprint of life, others are running the marathon. What matters is the fact that we end with a gold medal. Run your race! Don’t let the fact that others have received their medals stop you from completing your race. Appreciate what life has to offer. Celebrate with friends and family! Do not compete or feel unfulfilled. Stop comparing yourself with others. You are special and unique, a limited edition. Live simply, Dream Big, Give Love and Laugh a lot more! Don’t get caught up in the Social. Network. Life. Comparing. Bug! (S.N.L.C Bug).

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