No Seed, No Flowers!

Every day, I think of all the interesting ways that other peoples’ lives affect me and try to draw some kind of motivation to push myself forward. All of us look for testimonies of greatness to be inspired. We forget that all the stories and events would never move us if we don’t connect our desires to the inspiring part of these every day events. (We are all tired of motivational speakers, yet the Nike Commercials still make us believe).
Today, I am my own inspiration and same goes for you. I will connect with the fact that I keep writing even when people don’t read. I keep trying to be better because I think good isn’t enough. Every new day is an opportunity to improve on the previous one. If you don’t believe you can be more, you will not attempt it. Inspiration without ability is futile. You are the seed, inspiration just waters the seed and makes it blossom into a beautiful flower.

One thought on “No Seed, No Flowers!

  1. *crying* i am touched…this is written straight from the soul.. i really do feel you. After listening to motivational speakers, going for trainings,listening to advise, ted talks and all, i think SELF motivation is what would keep you going. You have to look deep within you and know why you need to do the things you have to do and what you want to ACHIEVE. Ca y est!


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