Live A Little More

Have you experienced a day when everything is slow and drab? (Its usually on Mondays). You get a rude awakening from your weekend with an early morning shower and the usual traffic drama. It all happened to me and I was sitting in front of my desk reading through a study material but I couldn’t assimilate anything. Then I decided to go online for something interesting to awaken my senses. I tried my usual Crazeclown videos (you should check them out) on Instagram and I laughed and somehow sank back into that gloomy little mental corner. A few random clicks here and there and then I stumbled on this funny article (You should check it out). It was about Nigerian proverbs. Styled in our own pidgin and often twisted in metaphors or ideas that relate perfectly with the Nigerian experience. I read them and I kept smiling for quite some time. Well, that article changed the course of the day for me and by the time I was ready to leave the office I realised I had spent about two extra hours working happily. I sent a message to the author of the page and he replied on twitter saying I had made his day. If only he could see how his work had changed my day. In fact, its the second day and i’m still thinking about it and smiling. You don’t need to be the most famous person in the world to inspire others. Do what you love with passion and your light will shine for someone out there. So my inspiration for today is the Unserious Serious Boy (USB). He is Mayo Bayo of Talking Drum. It is a typical Nigerian site with exciting local articles (not news about Kim, Kanye and others). Be the best you can be, follow your passion and live a little more. You may just inspire someone out there. 

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