The New Nigerian!

“…the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain”. Lifted straight from the National Anthem of the world’s largest black nation! Heroes of this great nation have come and gone. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Murtala Mohammed, Clement Isong, Tafewa Balewa, Alvan Ikoku (All from naira notes). They spent their lives trying to create a great nation. One that will be the pride of Africa, the shining light in a ‘dark’ continent. They have played their part and another generation have stepped in. A generation of Military rulers mixed with a few good and many cynical democratic and civil leaders. Some of them came to rule, some came to loot, some came to lead and other just got there without an ambition or dedicated purpose. The result is what we have as a country today. A beautiful illustration of epic inequality and social, academic, financial and religious segregation. We are slowly drifting away from the dream of our ‘heroes past’ (Let’s hope Buhari can stem the tide). Do we need to hit rock bottom so we can shamelessly say “there’s only one way to go”? NO!!! We need to get to work to preserve the country for posterity.
What I see around today can be frustrating but I choose to concentrate on that tiny ray of light at the end of the tunnel. The ray of light I see is the light of the New Nigerian!! These are the people who are not oblivious to the problems in our country but still believe in it. They fully understand where we are and what problems we face but they also know what we can become! Not only do they know, but they are pushing forward to achieve this and impact the lives of people. They are trying to get others to see the light and follow it. That is the beauty of an enlightened mind (I don’t mean someone who has just gone to school). Knowledge illuminates and gives understanding and the New Nigerian understands the part she has to play in building the nation. We cannot build this country from the top to the bottom (People keep saying the leaders are the problem). Even if we decide to take drastic measures to cut off all the bad leaders, if those at the grassroots are also bad, then it will be a case of ‘garbage out, garbage in’. 

The New Nigerian targets a generation of nation builders who will lead us in the future. If we find a system that works today or maybe tomorrow, we are sure that any form of development will be sustained by a credible crop of leaders who can build on today’s achievements. We want a generation of Nigerians who are poised to change the state of the nation for good. A foundation for the beautiful future we envisage. That is the dream! A beautiful mind is the seed of a beautiful tomorrow! If we can see the future our potential deserves, we will all work to achieve it. The New Nigerian sees the dream and is burning with passion to actualise it. We will ensure that the labour of our heroes past will NOT be in vain! Join the campaign today! #Illuminate your world!

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