Inspiration Number 5

I’ve thought a lot about this post and a few people will understand why. Whatever though, I only write about this from the most objective point of view and for the most inspiring reasons. Today’s inspiration is a young Nigerian writer. Her name is Ngozi Chimamand…. no!!! (She is also inspiring)… Her name is Chibundu Onuzo. I came across her book ‘The Spider King’s Daughter’ and sincerely I didn’t read it. I think I was too busy (the usual excuse) and I never opened it to read. A few months down the line and I still haven’t read it yet (I will). On the other hand I have read so much about the author because of one simple and beautifully refreshing article (Pls click the link).

It doesn’t take much to inspire people. Its just about connecting to the right emotions and chain of thought and you’ll start a spark in someone’s life. That is exactly what happened. Chibundu is a writer, author and PhD student. She is the youngest female to sign to Faber & Faber (Click the link if you don’t know them. I didn’t too). She had her first book, The Spider King’s Daughter, published in 2012. She is a contributor on The Guardian, with a lot of thought-provoking articles. There is a more detailed interview on Bellanaija. For the article on the Guardian and a lot more, she is our inspiration for the day.


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