Inspiration Number 4

Tonye Rex Idaminabo

If your business is all about recognising the accomplishments of others, you deserve recognition too! If you must shine the light on the things people do, you must hold the lamp and be seen. For this reason and many more, Tonye Rex Idaminabo is our inspiration for the day!
He is the founder of African Achievers Awards, a set of annual awards bestowed on Africa’s most accomplished achievers in politics, diplomacy and entrepreneurship. An accomplished entrepreneur and lawyer, His prestigious award boasts notable recipients such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Divine Ndhlukula, John Momoh and many others. 

The real inspiration is the story behind the business. Growing the business from a sponsor-based award to a self-sustaining multi-million Naira business in event management, re-branding and profiling for companies around the world, Rex has transformed this initial idea and has charted a course to show that ideas rule the world. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Going back to the beginning, the first award ceremony was sponsored by The Kings College, London. Today he can comfortably host this award and continue to encourage greatness in his own way. We just hope he also has a special award for himself because his story is transforming lives today!

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