Let Me Rant!!

This is the first in a series of rants about many random things. I think mainly I will focus on education (school system and all). I feel that education is the key to success for the nation and as many people say it is actually a nation builder. It is great and inspiring and bla bla bla!!! Enough said. We all know or have heard about the great benefits of education and going to school. In fact parents make it the natural routine for kids. Lets spell it out…Go to school, go to school again, more school, get a job and get rich. That’s the road map they give to us. That is the route to success they make us to believe in. 
 PLEASE, I must state here for this article and for future posts, I BELIEVE IN EDUCATION!! I do, but I totally DISAGREE with the view that education means ‘so much school’. Now many people are going to kick against my point of view and I’m waiting for the backlash when people finally start reading this blog. I will enumerate my points so that people can redirect me properly to their points of reference. I will take each point on a different day to allow me gather all my thoughts and align them properly on this rant series. I just believe that ‘school’ kills more dreams than it builds!! Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin…they are right!

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