Inspiration Number 3

Affiong Williams

Affiong Williams is the founder of Reel fruit in Nigeria. Founded in March 2014, Reel fruit is an emerging fruit processing company focused on packaging, branding and processing of locally-sourced quality fruit products. The first product is a range of dried fruit snacks and nuts. The products are currently stocked in over 80 stores in Nigeria. (Forbes). Many of us add a healthy diet and lifestyle to our New Year resolutions every year but the fast paced nature of work and sometimes school doesn’t give us the opportunity to accomplish this goal. Reel fruit provides an interesting opportunity for all of us to grab healthy fruits without the inconvenience of fruit peels, dripping juice, seeds, fear of poor hygiene and all. It is a step in achieving this goal. Presently, the variety available includes dried mango. pineapple, banana, coconut, a fruit and nut mix and cashews. Before we get carried away by the ingenious idea, let us meet the brain behind the business. 

     Affiong is one of the many rising and refreshingly exciting Nigerian entrepreneurs. She describes herself as “simple, quite motivated, very ambitious. clumsy, passionate, curious (I love travel), introverted and a bit of a nerd.“. Many words for someone who looks so simple yet inspires us to be more! She started the Reelfruit business from personal savings and contributions from friends, family and fools. The business plan has won 2 competitions and looks certain to be a major force in the fast rising agro food processing industry. Her brilliant idea has potential for expansion and one can only imagine the heights this dream will reach. She is an inspiration because she has shown us that you can make that big dream a reality without a huge loan or outrageous capital! If you’re out there waiting for the big step before you move, you may never start the journey.


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