Inspiration Number 2

Jason Njoku

Jason Chukwuma Njoku is the founder of the famous and widely known iROKO TV. He has grown from a Chemistry undergraduate at Manchester University into a business mogul and self acclaimed ‘modern day capitalist’. Picking up an idea that has been right here under our noses and raising about $8 million to actualise the dream is nothing short of inspiring! iROKO TV has legally taken Nollywood out of Nigerian homes to the screens, computers and mobile phones of people around the world. Today, Iroko Partners is the world’s largest digital distributor of Nigerian movies and African music. The firm is YouTube’s biggest partner in Africa, boasting over 152 million views in 2011 (Forbes). It is interesting to note that largest group consumers of the content on iROKO TV are based outside Africa. This means there is still room for expansion once the continent opens up fully to this opportunity. There are many ways to tell this story and all of them tell the story of an optimistic man with the vision and desire to deliver world class service to people within and outside the continent. 

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