What is ‘Value’ To You?

So I decided to write again.
After sitting back to analyze and question the world and scrutinize all the things that are happening around me, I opened this folder and started another document.

What bothers me most at this point in time is the world’s value system and man’s desire and quest for acceptance in society.

What is value? Why should a product of the system define the system? Why should the digits that can be so easily altered determine how we look at others?
Man made money to give value to things and facilitate trade but money has taken over the system and has given value to everything, including man. A few digits in his account and a man’s response to things that happen to him will change. A few more numbers and he will show a different character. What then is value? Is money a measure of a man’s value in society? Is it a point of reference or a prerequisite for acceptance in society? Money has become the measure of a man’s worth. His most desired quality, as it is now more of a personal quality than a possession. Man is money, not that he has money among other things he possesses. We reinforce this belief by the things we want to wear, the places we go to, the friends we keep and all our desires are now tied to this value system where money is the sole factor for competition. We measure the quality of life by the things we can afford (Ask the Economists!). Money answers all things, but it cannot provide everything in this life. We want peace, we want love and happiness. The richest people on earth are not necessarily the happiest or at peace with themselves. Could it be that the system of value neglects the simple and basic desires of man? Not necessarily, but it ignores a very important fact of life and that is the fact that happiness, self-worth and integrity are as important to self-actualization as money and discipline.

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