Welcome back (I really hope there’s someone reading this!). Ok, with that said, we can dive straight at the issue for the day. Light! Power! Light! The elections have come and gone. We all campaigned in one way or the other. Some of us made good money from the whole charade while others didn’t. Some saw it as an opportunity to show how strong and healthy they were…trekking the length and breadth of this our beloved nation. Others cycling from one cardinal point to the other. Well, kudos to the strong Nigerians (I guess they proved to the world that fuel scarcity cannot stop transportation for Nigeria). Now that the drama has ended, we thank God it wasn’t in vain. At least within this short period of time, a few things have already improved (Don’t ask me to mention all of them). I’m just here to say that light has improved in Nigeria (let me say Lagos, since I can’t tell for other places). In a few months, the light situation in Lagos has become better than the light situation in many parts of Ghana (This one I know for sure…just Google ‘Dumsor’). This is the face of change I recognize. While we are looking for problems for the government to solve (I understand that it is right to do this, so that things will get better) I will celebrate the solutions we can see as everyone’s victory in this war against under development and unresponsive governance. I strongly believe if the government means well for us, just like they have done with light, they can improve a lot in this country with time. Ok…I’m off to see a movie (Not at the cinema. There’s light at home…).

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