Mhmm…thank you oh. (For that person reading this one). So many people have finished school again. Another batch of graduates have been poured into the pot of soup. Congrats to them!! This means a lot to me. It means more job applications, more CVs, more interviews and a lot of bubbly and overtly zealous new faces in the office. Some people are prepared for this stage of life already while others are not.
One of the biggest mistakes is to sit and allow the world pass you by. See, there are two things I think are very important to consider as you set out looking for a job. For me, the first is SALARY! The second is PASSION! Does this job fall in line with my passion? If yes, then I won’t consider the salary TOO MUCH. (I didn’t say you should ignore it oh. You are not a slave!). As long as it covers my transportation, accommodation and feeding. I know this is my passion and I will enjoy working here and that way I will be good at my job. Do I need to add that you will get better and definitely climb up the ladder? If it isn’t in line with my passion then they must pay me a salary that compensates me for the long sad hours of work. I mean…I won’t work one minute longer than expected and my best site would be (don’t let your boss catch you).
So what about those who don’t want to work? It’s easy…Reinvent yourself, create a solution to a problem people can relate to and BOOM!! You’re made!! (Don’t ask me about capital. That’s an issue for another day). For now, I want to concentrate on those looking for work. As much as you want to find the perfect job, don’t forget that job search cannot be put on your CV but that job that’s not perfect still counts as work experience.

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